Las Vegas Premier Marketing Shares Goals and Career Opportunities for 2022

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New Year, New Marketing Career

LAS VEGAS, February 9, 2022 ( - Las Vegas Premier Marketing (LVPM) brings in the new year with new business goals and career opportunities. The marketing firm ended 2021 on a high note, experiencing major growth, hiring many local marketers who were eager to get back to work during the pandemic, and promoting many of its top marketers to branch managers across the country. It is LVPM's goal to keep businesses thriving in the new year by continuing to support the Las Vegas community with marketing career opportunities and remaining committed to the professional growth of its employees.

Las Vegas Premier Marketing has spent years jumpstarting the careers of qualified individuals. It is the company's goal to continue this work in 2022. While some may find a career in marketing to be intimidating or impossible, one of the greatest aspects of working with LVPM is that the team is genuinely interested in seeing the average people in their community succeed. While LVPM takes into consideration schooling and experience, what it really looks for is work ethic, entrepreneurial aspirations, and commitment to success.

Once joining the team at LVPM, new marketers are taught everything they need to know in a hands-on environment. LVPM provides the tools needed for a successful marketing career in addition to benefits, bonuses, and commissions. Las Vegas Premier Marketing works diligently to ensure the success and growth of its marketers.

Once joining the team, new hires are immediately placed in the field, some even working in various Fortune 500 companies. For those who excel, LVPM's CEO and management team mold them into marketing leaders and promote them to Market Managers.

The most recent example is LVPM's very own Lacia Stuart. Stuart started as an entry-level employee and worked her way up to Market Manager. In just a few short years, with some hard work and the support of her LVPM team, Stuart's success is set to skyrocket. To kick off the new year, she will be opening and operating her own branch. Stuart is just one LVPM success story and certainly not the last. Stuart serves as an example of an average person who took a chance on LVPM and is now reaping all the benefits.

"It is my goal to launch new careers, expand our clientele, continue to grow our brand locally, and enhance our employee benefits package," said Joey Ortiz, CEO.

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