Successful Business Driven by Leadership, Teamwork, and a Winning Culture

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Las Vegas Premier Marketing CEO Joey Ortiz Reveals at Conference How to Operate a Successful Business

LAS VEGAS, October 7, 2022 ( - At a team conference for Las Vegas Premier Marketing (LVPM) and its sister companies, LVPM CEO Joey Ortiz revealed that the success of a business is largely due to a company's collaborative teamwork and leadership skills and its ability to drive a winning culture.

Ortiz says that to run a successful company it is essential that team leaders understand the concept of team management and team identity. With gratitude, Oritz congratulated LVPM and its sister companies on another great year of business. He also highlighted that this is largely due not only to the fact his company leaders are capable of successfully coordinating teams but that they instilled in the team a winning identity. Equally important to advertising goals and results is the happiness and confidence of LVPM as a whole. The company strives to build a team identity by participating in team bonding activities and motivating them with rewards such as team trips. Ortiz shares that recruiting responsible and ambitious individuals capable of collaboration is what puts the company on the path to success but it is equally as important to keep these responsible and ambitious workers happy and motivated. Once he had finished explaining the importance of team leadership and identity, he then began to explain the importance of driving a winning culture.

A winning culture is one with high energy, motivation, and open communication. He says driving a winning culture is what keeps the teams of LVPM and its sister companies thriving. In order to drive a winning culture, engagement is key. Leaders must engage their team with consistent communication which can be achieved with check-ins and group chats. Keeping an open line of communication is essential to ensuring that everyone's concerns and needs are being addressed and met which keeps team members motivated. Motivation is also an important aspect of driving a winning culture. Ortiz encourages leaders to keep teams motivated by having office competitions and booking high rollers for motivational speeches. By the end of the conference, Ortiz had equipped his team with the knowledge of how to continue running a successful business.

"It's our responsibility as company leaders to check in and motivate the team as a whole, to promote a winning culture [...] that's how you get results and a dedicated team," Joey Oritz.

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