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Las Vegas Premier Marketing

Direct Marketing & Advertising Company in Nevada

Brand Management | Customer Acquisition | Customer Retention

Las Vegas Premier Marketing offers Direct Sales, Advertising, and Marketing Job Opportunities in the following areas in Nevada (NV): Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson.

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If working with us interests you, we welcome you to a career where you will not only thrive,but also stretch your own professional limits.Our leadership team is always looking for a strong talent;send us your resume with a cover letter to

Who we are

Our commitment to high standards and delivering superior quality results is evident from our consistent A+ rating during ten consecutive years in which we have been a Better Business Bureau trusted organisation.

Our impressive clientele includes some of the top names Fortune 500 companies in the transportation industry, leaders in Satellite Television services, and several prominent businesses. Our passionate team of professionals has enabled us to expand our reach to the largest chain of retailers in the nation, by developing a highly innovative marketing program.

Award Wining Speaker - Joey Ortiz

  • Award Wining Speaker - Joey Ortiz
  • Award Wining Speaker - Joey Ortiz
  • Award Wining Speaker - Joey Ortiz


We have contributed to the success of several Fortune 500 Companies, thanks to our creative Marketing Campaigns and unmatched storytelling techniques.

  • In-store Marketing Strategies


  • In-store Advertising Strategies

    Customer Acquisition

  • Premier Marketing Las Vegas

    Brand Management

  • Customer Acquisition

    Customer Service

Going Global through our efforts

As much as our enthusiastic cohort strives to be better every day by challenging themselves creatively, we also are eager to fulfill our social responsibilities by uplifting the lives of the less fortunate.

We find a worthy cause that improves the lives of the underprivileged, and create an event which combines entertainment with competitiveness. We have witnessed tremendous success at the launch of our hands-in initiative, which has extended our philanthropic endeavours.

We have recently rendered an effective partnership with Families Forward OC, a foundation that goes out of its way to improve the lives of the underprivileged in Orange County. Las Vegas Premier Marketing also partnered with Families Forward to create a ‘back to school’ event, in which backpacks and other school supplies were purchased for the upcoming school year.

The sole purpose of such an initiative was that kids could be prepared for the first day of school. With that event being a success, we now turn our focus to the next big event which will make a drastic improvement in the lives of kids.

Getting the best from our associates

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    Field specific training

    Our training sessions are guaranteed to quickly mould new hires into assets; we assist our associates to grow. When an individual joins our Marketing Company, we nurture their desire to grow, and help them achieve that.
  • Marketing Company Nevada

    Being an inspiration

    We collectively want our organization to grow. Therefore, we give you a chance to be a leader inspired through your hard work. We mould our recruits into a greater version of themselves. Over the years, we have seen rookies accomplish incredible feats; we utilize our resources to help our recruits unleash their true potential.
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    Eliminating barriers

    When you join us, you will benefit from a workplace that is extremely supportive, and encourages you to overcome the barriers that prevent you from enhancing your knowledge. We not only strive to meet our targets, we also treat our associates like our family. We prioritize the needs of our colleagues and build them up. We redefine corporate culture.


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